The Hotel Creep, Scene 01, Dillion Harper, Jelena Jensen


Relaxing by the pool, Dillion Harper gets some much needed rest at her luxurious hotel. Looking at her room key which was engraved ‘The Luckiest Hotel On Earth’, Dillion lays down not knowing how lucky she was actually going to be…Not far away, Jelena Jensen a masseuse at the resort and also a peeping tom, checks Dillion out with her binoculars in awe with her massive breasts. Jelena swore that she would have those tits in her mouth if it’s the last thing she does. Jelena approaches Dillion with a tantalizing offer; 50% off the regular price of a massage. Dillion couldn’t say no to that sort of discount! But what she didn’t know was that Jelena was stalking her and this was all part of a bigger plan! Wanna know what that is? Watch and find out!


Date: December 10, 2016